With expertise in branding, business planning, marketing, strategy, and in aligning organizations to achieve their goals, we make sure that what you say and how you say it is based on a well-focused strategic plan. We then communicate your value proposition based on how your customers want to hear about what you have to offer.

Creating compelling information that creates credibility and authority for your products or services starts with a well-articulated strategy and game plan. That's what we focus on at Inunity. What you say and how you say it only works when it's what your customers and prospects want or need to hear.

At Inunity, we work to create a well-founded set of strategies and vision. With that as our premise, we offer an array of online and offline services either directly handled or managed among an array of experts in their field.

We always need to assess how we're doing with numbers and metrics. But, on top of the hard numbers is the perception our clients have of us. Simply asking "how am I doing?" can go a long way to furthering relationships.

You've got a great idea. You designed it on a napkin. But, it's no longer just an idea; it's a business. Here's why do you need to think of it this way.

So, you decided that you need to somehow write a business plan. But, do you know what you need to include? Here's a short outline of what's in a business plan.

Here is a short overview of valuation, a key component usually found in the Exit Strategy section of a business plan.

Sometimes a great idea is really a great idea, but how can you confirm this? One way is through observational research and here's a snippet of what this means.

Branding, to me, is knowing what you want to say, how you want to say it and making sure it’s being heard in the manner you intended. In this snippet, you'll hear I how position this thought in representing who I am.

As part of a leadership forum for teenagers, I met them in business dress clothes and asked them to draw a visual memory. Then, they compared my updated attire to drive home the concept of personas and branding.

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