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Lessons learned from the 5-minute investor pitch

I’ve been with large and small companies, with each looking in their own way to emerge and grow and I’ve created and presented programs for approval to all levels of a company or a customer. But, even with all that experience, the best learning in captivating decision-makers has been preparing and presenting new ideas and companies to investors, all within 5 to 15 minutes.

Talk about needing to get to the point, creating clarity to people unfamiliar with your business and industry and needing thick skin and the ability to absorb “constructive” criticism… this is great learning and very adaptable to all presentations.

A large growth market and pain points that can exploited, a well-researched set of facts, a methodical and logical business strategy, a team that is passionate and can execute and an ROI that manages risk and can be achieved in a pre-defined timetable. All stated clearly, to the point and in as few as 5 or possibly in 15 minutes.

Sound simple. It is. Sound similar to presenting to peers, bosses and the C-Suite? It is. Do we have this mentality each time we're preparing slides and our talking points? I am from now on. What about you?

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