An array of services directed to generating top and bottom line growth.


We work to create a team-focused and collaborative environment with integrity that is based on a well-founded set of strategies and vision.  Within that structure, the array of services available from Inunity can be singularly managed and developed, or these can be added to other activities in the array of services that we offer.
At all times, and just like machine gears, these will be in sync strategically with the efforts identified across all aspects of an organization.

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Our Services

Business Plans

Initiate new and/or upgrade existing plans. SWOT analyses (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats), internal and external infrastructure assessments and recommendations for selling and promoting products and services, etc.

Marketing Plans

Develop the annual plan including value proposition, key messages, offline and online programs, milestones, objectives and scorecards.

Strategic Planning Session

Whether conducted annually and/or quarterly, a structured 1-2 day off-site meeting to identify market, sales, financial and operational strategies.

Market Analyses

Identify new markets for growth, the underdeveloped markets for growth and the challenges, pain points and opportunities to address.

Business Development

Direct and qualify customer opportunities. Provide compelling and clear support materials that facilitate sales presentations and product knowledge.

Sales Development

Lead collaborative sales pursuit processes built on leading practice research and sales lifecycle stages.  Improve professionalism in presentation materials and assist Sales' ability to close deals.

Demand Generation

Facilitate lead development and feed the sales pipeline through coordinated telemarketing and/or lead nurturing and web marketing programs.

Strategic Sourcing

Evaluate, identify and develop strong partnerships with marketing and advertising consultants and organizations and provide the guidance that leads to the development of strategically sound communications and creativity in marketing and sales support materials.

New Product Development

Positioning, competitive assessment, pricing, packaging label and copy, procurement, inventory control, communications, promotions.

Customer Experience

Develop the structure that facilitates a customer service first attitude with expectations managed effectively to create sustainable long-term relationships.

Stakeholder Presentations

Create presentations and analyses that are focused and enhance the company’s credibility to key stakeholders/shareholders.

Market Research & Analyses

Analyze data and trends. Conduct win/loss surveys. Develop actionable programs.  Make sure that the company’s offerings and services optimize customer needs.

Merchandising Support

Review and develop how best to present products and services to your customers.  Make the presentation “customer friendly.”

Educational Support

Create programs and materials that enhance salespeople’s and customer’s knowledge about your products and offerings.

Event Management

Identify and direct the trade shows, forums and industry events that create and establish credibility and expertise while concurrently identifying and tracking leads.

Advertising Programs

Develop and manage turnkey programs across any number of media, e.g., print, broadcast, web/electronic, etc.

Promotion Programs

Produce promotion programs that provide for long-term sales momentum via short term sales gains, with pricing and margins that are well managed.

Operational Support

Provide on-going structure and support recommendations and processes.  Manage and negotiate supplier and product procurement.

People Development

Effect a high level of integrity and an environment in which people can grow, contribute and prosper.


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