Are you winning a better than fair share?

How well-thought through strategically, how well written structurally and how well-developed and convincing your solutions are can go a long way to moving your pursuit of the customer passed the RFP or Grant stage and into actual negotiations and contracts.
If managed well, you have the opportunity to demonstrate expertise, gain additional experience and expertise that you can market to other prospects, and add new customers (and references for other prospects)
We pride ourselves on a thorough approach to qualifying, preparing and responding to opportunities.



At Inunity, our approach is focused in making the RFP and grant writing process a smooth, functional and invigorating process from start to finish. And, we provide the means to measure the ROI.


The first impression

Sales Pursuit

RFPs are many times the first impression that a customer has of your company. Do you have the capabilities, can you solve their pain points and can you deliver your services on time? Many times, your ability to meet their Invitation to Bid, Questions to Submit and Proposal deadlines are the customer's first impression of your ability to meet deadlines. If you're late here, how can a customer believe your solutions will be delivered on time?

Handling the timelines to meet all deadlines are among the deliverables we manage at Inunity.


Qualifying opportunities

Square Peg2


Are you asking yourself the tough questions to make sure that you are responding to the opportunities that make sense for your company? Can your offering fit the opportunity? Can you innovatively solve the problem? Do you really understand their goals? Are they satisfied with the incumbent?

Sometimes, the RFP and Grant process forces you in a good way to stretch your capabilities and solutions.

Helping you to qualify whether to pursue an opportunity is among the deliverables we provide at Inunity.


The Deal Team

Deal Team

Putting the right team together in developing proposals is often a critical and productive part of the process. Sales understands the customer, Marketing understands the messages, Operations understands the capabilities, Finance understands the costs, IT understands the infrastructure and then there are subject matter experts that bring specific knowledge to the solutions. Bringing these forces together, whether internally or externally sourced, facilitates a collaborative and spirited team effort that can elevate your proposal.

Bringing together and leading a deal team is among the processes we provide at Inunity.




Guiding the proposal development process with a disciplined approach that provides focus in developing the right strategy and set of solutions helps to insure that timelines are met. With our easy-to-access tools, we itemize the steps to follow and ensure that the responses are completed correctly and in a manner that presents your company in the best possible light.

Compliance Matrixes, Strategy Directives, Steps by Steps and CRM Tracking are among the tools we apply to develop optimal responses at Inunity.


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Strategically and tactically connecting sales and marketing, operations and finance as one team and one process.