Case Studies


For this start-up company, there was an inconsistent approach to how the company positioned itself, a 19th century look in the company's “branding,” and the company lacked industry credibility. By applying research, meeting with customers and product reps and attending industry networking functions and trade shows, I re-branded the business, developed a “water cooler” business model, updated the company logo and website, commenced a drip campaign, and managed outside product reps.

The results? We established credibility and market traction for the company in the industry.

For a Fortune 300 company, my challenge, once a major acquisition closed, was to generate more qualified leads and show that “marketing” can add value to the organization at the corporate and field level. I strengthened our value proposition and key messages, created a multi-phased demand generation and a new sales pursuit program. This included telemarketing and e- and web marketing. The new sales response process aligned sales, operations and other company SME’s in responding to RFPs. I also developed KPIs to track “marketing’s” value.

The results?  A growth rate that was 5X the industry growth rate tied, in part, to marketing.

This is a new innovation in farming and water conservation. We needed to create industry knowledge, credibility and awareness of who the company is and its features and benefits coincident with identifying partnerships, pilot tests to prove its concept and funding support. We prepared the business plan and business model and authored grants for funding purposes. In addition, we created a collaborative team of government officials, rural and urban farmers, and academic and industry experts in sustainability and water conservation.

The results?  We established credibility and are in the midst of several pilot tests.

Business Plans

This Miami, FL healthcare firm was seeking to expand its footprint. This necessitated a new business plan, sales forecast, operating budget, and financials along with identifying the market opportunity, the addressable market size and target groups within its existing footprint along with developing its valuation based on its current and clear path for sustained growth. Subsequent to this was the opportunity to expand geographically with a well-defined sales proposal that I developed to facilitate this program.

The results?  The business plan and the subsequent sales proposal facilitated an expanded customer base.

This California environmental remediation company was seeking to expand in China and needed a working document to review with potential partners that would present the company, its features and benefits as a way to prompt further dialogue. The document prepared was a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that showcased the company's array of features and how it would support what companies in China could not do when it comes to remediation work. Additionally, the MOU outlined the types of products available that were not readily available in China.

The results?  The MOU paved the way to new partnerships and expanded the company's business in China.

This salon company was seeking to identify operational, financial and strategic solutions that could pave the way to longer-term and scalable growth. Through in-take sessions to understand the business, goals, financials, product mix, hours of operation, staffing and equipment needs, I prepared two documents. The first document reviewed operations, store hours and staffing opportunities and the second document reviewed both product mix and a range of strategic, operational, product and financial strategies and recommendations.

The results?  The firm is currently deploying the first set of operational and staffing recommendations.



Across my experiences, below you'll find some of my accomplishments.


Generate New Revenue

  • Closed $5M through new demand generation program

  • Identified $4M in new sales through web marketing

  • Identified a $900M to $2.5B underserved market

  • Built new sales pursuit/proposal process; won $15M new business

  • Delivering initial sales traction for start-up manufacturer


Drive Innovation

  • Led 2-year +9.5% sales growth via new programs for service company

  • Effecting industry and investor credibility for start-up manufacturer

  • Directed 35% CAGR over 5 years for retail marketer

  • Introduced #2 brand in supplement category, Osteo Bi-Flex

  • Led herbal supplement launch; accounted for 25% of new sales


Demonstrate Results

  • Branded new value prop with win/loss and 360° market research

  • Demonstrated the value of marketing through metrics and dashboards

  • Demonstrated the value of Rexall Sundown to Wall St.

  • Measured and reported on Lead Gen; achieved 3:1 ROI

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