Are you moving forward in the right direction?

How well do you, your team and other interested parties understand your opportunities to grow? Is there a discipline in how you identify and attack challenges and opportunities? Are you as aligned in your thinking as you are in execution?
Game planning facilitates alignment, focus and energy, but just like in sports, game plans must be well-thought through and competitively insightful to make sure the plays are executed as intended.
We pride ourselves on creating business plans that provide strategic, organizational and financial clarity.

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At Inunity, we work with you to determine the size of your market, how your products fit competitively, how you sell, market and operate the business and how you can justify the plan financially.

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Market Opportunity Analysis


What are the problems that you're trying to solve?  How do your offerings solve these pain points?  How large is the market?  Are there regulatory issues to note?  At Inunity, we conduct in-depth analytics using primary and secondary data to identify how your products or services can tangibly achieve the goals that you've identified.

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Sales, Marketing & Operations


How is your "font door" (marketing and sales) and "back door" (operations and finance) working together to make sure that what you present to your customer can be efficiently delivered as scheduled? At Inunity, we use the market opportunity and competitive analyses to determine your outbound, inbound and operational platforms.

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Competitive Activity


Who are your competitors?  What are they doing well?  How are they positioned?  If there is no direct competition, what do customers do today to solve the pain points that you're addressing?  At Inunity, we review competitive and customers trends to understand how your products or services can exceed customer expectations.

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Financials & Exit Strategy


Do your revenue, EBITDA and cash flow estimates, near and long-term, show the ability to maintain or become a sustainable business?  If you're seeking funds, when and how will you pay back the funding that was provided?  At Inunity, we develop the 3-5 year pro-forma, sales projections, and exit strategies that complete the business plan.


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Strategically and tactically connecting sales and marketing, operations and finance as one team and one process.