Do you have or use a “What’s Your Why?”

There are many approaches deployed to defining your target audience and your brand positioning.

Of late there’s been a bit more noise about a probably well-known phrase, “what is your why?” Do you follow its principles? How do use it?
There are various definitions of “what is your why.” One I like says “your ‘why’ is what motivates you, continues forward movement and drives you to achieve your goals.”
My why, as I recently uncovered with the help of an expert in this field, is “contribute.” I value contributing to a greater cause, add worth, make a difference, have an impact. From a business standpoint, I pride myself on a thorough approach to evaluating growth opportunities, strategically and analytically in order to: 1) identify business opportunities; 2) create compelling value propositions; 3) align teams to common goals and; 4) deliver strong ROIs.
We have all heard about “emotional intelligence.” An article in HBR, back in 2004, summarized various scholarly definitions, i.e., “the ability to accurately perceive your own and others’ emotions; to understand the signals that emotions send about relationships; and to manage your own and others’ emotions.” Many companies pursue this path to help identify personality traits important to their business. You see this more and more in buyer personas when preparing e-marketing programs.
Is it an emotional connection with your audience? Do you start with the benefits your products offer and connect these benefits emotionally when communicating to your prospects and customers? Or is “what’s your why” one of many approaches to consider when determining a brand’s positioning?
So how do these definitions connect? How do they impact your business?
I am curious about your use of and how you would define and deploy “what’s your why?”

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