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Is marketing sitting at the leadership table?

Does marketing have an equal seat at the leadership table at your company? Or, is marketing still at the kid’s table?

Who handles promotion, pricing, product and place? Who handles higher-level tasks like segmentation, targeting and positioning. Is it the Ad Agency, Promotion Agency, consultants, internal departments like Sales or even the C-Suite that works through all these issues? Or, is there a full-service marketing department with a level of accountability that is equal to that of Sales, Operations and Finance?

That’s how it should be. Why? Not to oversimplify this... because there’s a financial gain to it. You can save money, add to the bottom line, generate new business and be more time-efficient and, all the while, you can measure the results.

• Save money – Create cost efficiency as a good marketing group can more effectively determine the right product, sell it at the right price, put it in the right place and support it with the right techniques.

• Add to the bottom line – Create positive ROI by testing and deploying the right techniques. Pending your CRM system, you can track spending and results by campaign.

• Generate new business – Create new, well-qualified leads that will close through telemarketing and/or web marketing. Create new customer or consumer techniques that helps Sales to more confidently sell.

• Be more time-efficient – Create time efficiency by conducting a collaborative and focused market perspective and then having the respective functional groups focus on their strengths.

• Measure the results – Technology has and is still evolving and is well enough along the process of being able to provide measurable results for each marketing campaign.

Is Marketing at the leadership table in your company? If not, why not and, what can be done to get it to this table?

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