Team and customer-focused, with accountability and measurement.


Our expertise is in marketing... moving businesses, products and services to the next level of growth through developing and guiding a common bond between Sales, Operations, Finance and Marketing. We work on strategy development, SLAs, marketing technology, collaborative customer acquisition and retention programs, marketing analytics, communications and sales proposal and pursuit development to drive business.



Our Value Proposition

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Is your organizational structure and strategic focus well-oiled with clear cut responsibilities and accountabilities? Are your Sales, Marketing, Operations and Finance teams marching in a unified, collaborative and team approach? And, are your metrics showcasing results that are exceeding your expectations? If so, fantastic. No need to read further.
If, however, your organizational structure and/or strategic focus is somewhat not completely in sync across these teams and/or if your win rate for proposals is less than desired, please surf through the varied capabilities that we offer. At Inunity, we work diligently to help identify and align the vision and strategy. We also connect how marketing, sales, operations and finance can tangibly partner together and, when done well, this will generate leads, add to sales proposals and presentations and identify the value propositions and key messages that resonate with current customers and prospects.


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We direct and centralize the process and strengthen how customers are acquired and retained and how companies are positioned through marketing strategies, sales support programs, demand generation, market research and product development. Our array of services include:




Andy Gray

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I run Inunity because I'm passionate about how marketing can be accountable for revenue growth and bottom line achievement, identify new revenue opportunities, uncover underdeveloped market opportunities, and be a change agent.
Moreover, I draw on an array of talented professionals, who I have worked with over time, to extend Inunity's capabilities well beyond the planning phase with executional programs that consistently, and with pride, deliver above expectations.
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Strategically and tactically connecting sales and marketing, operations and finance as one team and one process.