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A 3-D approach to change "we've always done it this way."

As a result of an interesting discussion in LinkedIn that I caught up with, we’ve all heard the objection, “we’ve done it this way” when introducing a new idea that is intended to solve a challenge or capitalize on an opportunity. I’ve even heard the statement, “we know what we’re doing and you need to jump on our train or you’ll get left behind.”
Yet, because of the enthusiasm and confidence in what you believe may be a better solution, the next challenge is to somehow get them to board a different train.
One approach to create change is the “3-Ds,” data, demonstrate and deliver.
• Data – Create an internal marketing plan that targets key influencers and the decision-maker and present data and case examples of how your idea can do and has done in general and for other companies.
• Demonstrate – Just like in sales, present a demo of your idea, either literally in person or figuratively by illustrating it. Walk the target audience through each step and have them ask questions and provide comments as you go through it and end with some bit of a surprise to get them excited about how the idea works.
• Deliver – Prepare metrics that the target audience can buy into and SLA’s for each functional group that is important to the process. Then manage, track and report on the program’s activities and results.
This is not to imply that causing change is simple. But, as JFK once said, “… those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future.”

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